The Prices do St Lucia

St Lucia flag

14.5 years ago the husband and I got married in St Lucia.  Back then digital photos were a new fangled thing – so there weren’t many to chose from – but here you go! (Can’t believe how young we all look!!)

Wedding day 2003

We got married at The Body Holiday at Le Sport.  It’s a fabulous resort – and you get beauty treatments included each day as part of the ‘all inclusive’ aspect for the resort.  Even my Dad got in on the treatment action back in 2003. I  was actually 16 weeks pregnant with our eldest daughter (I’d come off the pill when we booked the wedding expecting it to take forever to get up the duff – but it didn’t!) and so was limited with the treatments, watersports, food and drink when there for the wedding.  But thankfully made up for that when we returned for our 5th and 10th wedding anniversaries!

40th birthday

Anyway – apart from this one ‘in utero’ visit for the eldest, the kids hadn’t seen where we got married – so we thought we’d take them across the Atlantic for a summer holiday in the Caribbean. Some friends have a timeshare slightly further down the coast from where we got married – and unlike The Body Holiday, this resort permits children to stay too.  We could have a large 5 bedroom villa in  the grounds of the hotel – so having the hotel facilities (room service, restaurants, water sports, spa etc) on tap but still staying in our own space.  So we booked a villa at Windjammer Landing through James Villas.

We headed of to St Lucia with British Airways (Virgin also fly there) – with the nice lying down seats!

The youngest signing her landing card! 

We’d been given some top tips for arriving at Hewanorra airport (UVF if you’re interested in airport codes #usefulforPointless) – basically, keep left if you’ve got young kids with you, as there’s a dedicated ‘families’ queue at immigration which is loads quicker! And it was great – straight through, bags grabbed, men trying to charge you loads of money to help avoided and out into the every sweaty concourse to await our driver.

We knew the drive from the airport was arduous!  We’ve tried a helicopter transfer before – and with all the faffing about, and the fact it only gets you to Castries, not the actual hotel – meant we stuck with road transportation.  I suffer HORRIBLY with car sickness – and the roads in St Lucia are pretty windy, bumpy and altogether vomit inducing – but I managed not to chuck for the 90 minute transfer.

It was all a bit chaotic and ‘Caribbean’ in service levels when we got to the hotel. I’m not sure I’m cut out to be laid back and all ‘irie’.  Anyway – we got up to our villa and our view was AMAZING!!!  It was just the most stunning ever.  There were a ‘few’ issues – but I’ve saved those for the Tripadvisor review 😉

The stunning view from our villa 

Whilst the husband and I had been to St Lucia before, we hadn’t ventured out of our resort – so we decided to do a trip around the island.  I – and 2 of the 4 kids – aren’t great on boats, so we did it by road.  This was not cheap – but we plumped for it anyway.  We saw Marigot Bay, did the sulphur springs, the waterfall and the Pitons.  The weather was FOUL, it took FOREVER to get anywhere – but we all survived (just!)  We’ve only seen rave reviews of doing these sites by sea – so it must just have been doing it by road that made it really hard work – of course, not helped by the fact the rain was pretty torrential.  It also highlighted just what a high proportion of the island is living in total poverty – quite sobering to see when you’re safely ensconced in your luxury resort most of the time.

On other days we did the zip wire over the rainforest (and the youngest and I did a cable car instead as she was too young to zip wire – and I’m too scared of heights!!)

The husband and girls also did horseriding – including a ride along the beach.

We also went to the water park in Rodney Bay with our friends which was brilliant (again the 5 year old was too young, and quite put out about this!!)  – but the older kids and the husband enjoyed it (although he struggled to move the next day!!) We also had an amazing meal at Spinnakers on the beach that night.


And, of course, we took the children to see where we got married #romantic

The airport lounge for the flight back is not the best lounge we’ve ever been in (Dubai International – DXB – is the best if you actually want to know!) but we passed the time there, and then flew back (not the best flight ever either – a 5 year old with ear ache meant I spent a large proportion of the flight sat in the footwell of her seat comforting her – and my lovely bed went unslept in!).

But lots of family memories – good, bad, amusing and disturbing – were made over the fortnight!

The eldest daughter made this fab video of what we got up to – which shows what a great time we had (thankfully it doesn’t include the torrential rain, or the times the kids just wanted to sit and watch their iPads!!)

Thank you St Lucia – you’ll always have a special place in our hearts as it’s where we said ‘I do’.  I’m not sure in January 2003 I would have expected to return 14 years later with 4 children in tow!





Meeting Mr Price

Wedding day

Today is our 12th wedding anniversary. 12 years since I said ‘I do’ under a gazebo (although my sisters called it a tree for rhyming purposes in a song at our wedding party) in St Lucia. It rained in the morning and all the staff there kept saying it was ‘showers of blessing’ – and maybe they were right (although at the time I was close to punching the next person to say it!!)

I was 13 weeks pregnant at the time – which totally wasn’t the plan – it just didn’t take as long as we’d expected to get up the duff! Consequently I couldn’t take full advantage of the all inclusive nature of The Body Holiday (good job we’ve been back twice since so that I could!)

I’d met Mr P the year before in ‘Zinc’ in Birmingham.  In fact our meeting probably warrants a mention.  I was out drinking gin with friends, and he noticed my red bra strap.  He asked if my knickers matched and I showed him that they did (and still do even after 4 pregnancies and 4 lots of breast feeding!)  He told me he was going commando – I checked, and he was!  After a brief chat we found out we were both Aston Villa fans (in fact this is why we’ve subsequently had 4 kids – to keep supporter levels up!!) We swapped numbers and went on our separate ways for the evening.

After a few weeks of texting we arranged our first date.  We have subsequently both confessed that we weren’t quite sure what the other one was going to look like when I opened the front door – but thankfully we weren’t repulsed and went on our date.  (Although Mr P did tell me a few weeks later that he’d previously only been out with pretty girls!!!  I know that he meant I had brains as well as beauty – but I do like to remind him of it!!)  I found out on this first date that he’d previously been married to a girl I’d been to school with – which meant I kicked him out quickly after we got back to call my best friend from school to tell her who I’d been on a date with!!  I subsequently found out he’d had his overnight bag with him – cheeky sod!!

In some ways we are the complete antithesis of each other:

– I was a teacher pleasing, geeky, girlie swot at school – he was suspended more than once
– I got lots of As (and 1B which I am still gutted about) at GCSE – he got none
– I play a number of  musical instruments – he plays the joker
– I hate swimming in open water – he was a commercial diver
– I didn’t get done for speeding until my 30s – he had points on his provisional licence
– I hate the sand – he would play on the beach all day
– I can ski down a blue run under duress and very stressed – he can fly down a black
– I am naturally unfit but train by the rules – he ran a 10k after no training, a breakfast of M&Ms and Lucozade in the car on the way to the race and still beat me in sub one hour.

But when it comes to important things – big love for our family, OCD tidiness and a desire to help others (amongst others) – we have very similar values and beliefs.  Our life is hectic – working and playing hard together, as well as parenting 4 fabulous kids – but I wouldn’t change saying ‘I do’ on 16 January 2003 for anything.

So here’s to the next 12 (and hopefully many, many multiples of 12) years Mr Price.  Love you. xx