Wicked Wednesday – 11 February 2015

These photos are a bit retro as I was flicking through old pics having upgraded my phone (at last!)

They were taken when we were on holiday in Italy in summer 2013, when the youngest was only 1 (which makes them even worse!!)

Firstly she found the (empty) bottle of prosecco we’d been drinking in the garden……

Prosecco - Copy

Then went into the house and got the almost full gin bottle.

Gin - Copy

I blame the parents, oh wait…………


These are my less than perfect family photos for this week’s Wicked Wednesday – do go and see others too!


11 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday – 11 February 2015

  1. Good job she didn’t open that gin! My middle son once unscrewed and tipped an entire bottle of whisky over his feet at the same age. Not only were his shoes ruined but he smelt like a speakeasy for a day or two! x #WickedWednesdays

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