Black and White – The Photo Gallery week 220

Now I am cheating slightly – because I didn’t take the photos I’m about to post! We had a family photoshoot in the Lickey Hills the Autumn before last – and the photos taken by Sharon Papper were brilliant. Quite a few were in black and white and I immediately thought of them when the topic came up.

It’s also pretty rare to have photos of all 6 of us, so lovely to look at them, and see how much the kids have grown since then.

Price Family November 2013-6085

Price Family November 2013-6089-3

Price Family November 2013-6099-2

Price Family November 2013-6139

This is my contribution to this week’s Photo Gallery – do go and see what others have posted.

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

13 thoughts on “Black and White – The Photo Gallery week 220

  1. The story of our lives is going to be marked in those there woods Libby! I absolutely love that we have them on our doorstep for those urgent moments when we require a celebrity photo shoot. Ahem 😉

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  2. So hard to get a whole family together these days….so glad you posted these beautiful b/w whether you took them or not! Priceless!


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