Life began a year ago?!

This time last year I was about to be 40. I have had friends who have not looked forward to the big four-oh at all – but I fully embraced it (in fact I’ve milked it for the entire year) and the highlight was a party for lots of family and friends at the fabulous Chateau Impney hotel.

Libby's 40th-1910

I ummed and ahhed about inviting the kids along – but our family is HUGE – and sometimes it is really nice to celebrate with fellow grown ups – so it was adults only!

With my sisters and our parents
With my sisters and our parents

There was a massive cross section of people there – from my parents siblings in their 70s down to my 18 year old cousin – and pretty much every age in between!

With my sisters and cousins
With my sisters and cousins

There was obviously food and drink:

Stunning cupcakes
Stunning cupcakes
Hazel and Alpesh enjoying the food and fizz!
Hazel and Alpesh enjoying the food and fizz!

And we had a disco and a photobooth which were both great fun – and the fabulous Sharon took loads of photos as keepsakes.

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Friends and family flew in from Germany, France, Northern Ireland and even Chicago – which made it super special.

A selection of 'Pink Ladies'
A selection of ‘Pink Ladies’
Sam and Dan
Sam and Dan

I was ‘slightly’ nervous of my husband’s speech (so deliberately did mine afterwards so that I could apologise if needs be!) but I need not have worried – he was wonderful and didn’t offend anyone (although I look slightly incredulous on the photo below?)!!


There was some fabulous dancing – the dancefloor was full all night – ‘Never Forget‘ with my sisters being a highlight.

Libby's 40th-2461

Sadly the re-enactment of the lift from Dirty Dancing that the husband and I did wasn’t captured on camera, as it was a sight to behold (and amazingly my boobs stayed in my dress!)

Talking of my dress – the girls at Timeless Couture made me a fabulous couture dress. I’d gone to see them not expecting to be able to have a strapless gown given my ‘ample bosom’ – but they also made me an AMAZING corset which held everything firmly in place!! On top of the gown I had a fabulous sparkly waistcoat which I loved. I’d planned the evening to be Downton Abbey meets Reflex – and I think we achieved it just in my outfit!

Libby's 40th-2003

It was a BRILLIANT night – and I am a little bit disappointed that I’m not having a party for my 41st in a few days.

LOTS has happened in the last year – very sadly one of my friends passed away suddenly a few weeks later, there have been serious illnesses to friends and their children, a couple of relationship breakdowns – and lots of other trials and tribulations. It makes you realise you need to ‘carpe diem’, celebrate what is important to you and tell the relevant people that you love them, as you never know what the future holds.

Thank you to everyone for making it such a wonderful occasion.  I love you all.

Same again in 9 years? xx

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