The A-Z of strops 

My youngest daughter is super cute, super funny, super feisty – and super stroppy!

After I’d posted a number of photos on Facebook of her in a mard, a friend suggested I should do an A-Z list of them – so here we are!!

A – Ambleside – in a strop because she couldn’t go waterski-ing with her siblings, but it’s ok – if she turned around in the pushchair we couldn’t see her….

Strop - Ambleside

Strop - Ambleside 2

B – Bluestone in Wales – there were a few from this trip!

S for stocks

C – Crazy Golf (this is also similar to my face when forced to play the ridiculous game!)

Georgia - crazy golf strop

D – Dubai, on a bed, with FILTHY feet!

Dirty feet

E – Everyone else has a birthday before me (this is technically correct as she’s a November birthday – and she doesn’t understand the concept of time) This was on her sister’s 11th birthday

Strop - rug

F – Fence at Bluestone

F for fence

G – Genting Arena, about to watch Disney on Ice

Strop - Disney on Ice

H – home, post school run, refusing to get out of the pushchair

Strop - home pushchair

I – If I cover my eyes no one can see me being stroppy

Strop - if I cover my eyes

J – Juha’s Journey Lazy River at Wild Wadi – not a full on strop, but definitely not loving it…

Strop - Wild Wadi

K – Kings Norton Rhinos – whilst watching her big brother play rugby

Strop - Kings Norton Rhinos

L – Lagoon (Blue) changing rooms – see also S and U for the full range of this strop! This is where she’d fallen asleep mid strop…….


M – Mine Train ride at Alton Towers – think it totally traumatised her!

Strop - mine train

N – naughty step, on a Friday night, for pulling her sister’s hair

Strop - naughty step

O – Oxfordshire, at some friends for the weekend in their local park

Strop - Govans

P – Photoshoot for my parents’ birthdays – annoying she wouldn’t behave, but the results were quite cute pictures!



Q – Queen of clean hands – only a mild strop over excessive sugar on her doughnut making her fingers sticky

Strop -queen of clean hands

R – Restaurant on Grandad’s 70th birthday

Strop - Becketts

S – Swimming baths whilst on holiday at Bluestone


T – Towers of Alton (I know, I’m pushing it a bit with the whole alphabet thing!) Not wanting to go in the pushchair, or walk…..

Strop - Alton Towers

U – Uncle Tim having to carry her back after falling asleep mid strop (see S and L above!)


V – Vale do Lobo – this is the FIRST EVER STROP PHOTO – in a lovely Chinese restaurant, where she announced ‘I am very cross and very shouty’

G strop

W – Windermere, on the lake, not loving the whole boat thing

Strop - Lake Windermere

I think we might need to save X, Y, Z for any particularly impressive ones before she grows out of it (please let that be soon!!)

I think this is pretty much a definite #wickedwednesday post for BrummyMummyof2’s linky!!


23 thoughts on “The A-Z of strops 

  1. This is the best thing I’ve ever ever seen!!! I hope you got all your photo shoot pics printed to share to all forever.AMAZING

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is very funny! I have one like that, and the younger one takes the mickey and copies her but in a whiney way. The smallest things send sassy into a complete meltdown.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This had me laughing lots! I particularly love the family photoshoot pictures, what a star! You must be dreading the teenage years? cracking pictures #WickedWednesdays


  4. I cannot express how very very very much I LOVED THIS! I am not worthy. Thanks so much for linking up to #wickedwednesdays and I can’t wait to see what you have got for this week! x


  5. Hahaha how did I miss this post last week! This is great and now my daughter doesn’t want to stop looking at the pictures and giggling like she some sort of an innocent girl. LOL xx


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