I am silently* correcting your grammar (*not silently)

I should start with informing anyone who doesn’t know me in real life, or on Facebook, that I am something of a grammar pedant. I like to make sure that the correct spellings and punctuation are used even in texts / emails / postings etc. (Obviously now people will start correcting my grammar on here – but never mind!) In fact one of my lovely friends made me this cross stitch because of my reputation:

Cross stitch

This may seem random at the moment – but all will become clear later!!

Last night the husband and I went to see the fabulous Take That at the Genting Arena at the NEC. The venue is huge – not sure on capacity – but we’re talking thousands. As we arrived we randomly bumped into one of our friends – Mandy – had a quick chat and went on our separate ways. Then, as we’re going into the stand, we see her again! Quick ‘hello’ and on our separate ways again. We go to our seats (lovely ones, front row – we’re far too old for standing now!) and then spy Mandy and her friends in the super special middle standing bit. Cue ‘Where’s Wally Mandy?’ photo:

Where's Mandy

Then – just before it started – there was much excitement near us, as a certain Mr James Corden and his Mum had arrived!  I could see Mandy and her friends trying to see who it was, and so sent her a quick text.  Obviously she also heard who it was and texted me to tell me who was just behind me.  However, as often happens at such events when the whole world is trying to send messages / upload selfies / check in on Facebook, the messages took a while to go through – so Mandy didn’t get my message until after sending hers – hence this very amusing message thread:


And just to prove it – here’s a hideous photo of me – but with James and his Mum in the background behind me!

James Corden


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