School Run Strop – Wicked Wednesday 24 June 2015

Now my youngest is renowned for her strops (she even made the front page of Mumsnet!) – and it’s been a few weeks without one, so we had a classic today.

She refused to walk through the school grounds to get her big sister from school. A stand off ensued. OBVIOUSLY it was school sports day so there were loads of extra people, including well meaning Grandparents (not hers) asking what the matter was.

Strop 1

After 10 minutes, I had to give in and carry her. But when we got to the playground I put her down – and the strop turned into a sleep, on the concrete …….

Strop 2

This is my entry for Brummy Mummy of 2’s #wickedwednesdays


13 thoughts on “School Run Strop – Wicked Wednesday 24 June 2015

  1. Love the arms crossed and head down action – stropping like a pro! It’s typical they do this infront of an audience! #WickedWednesdays

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  2. Why is it that children love a good tantrum when you are out in public with them?
    I can’t believe she’s fallen asleep like that, mine never sleep in random places.

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