Waving goodbye to our mattress

Recently one of the furniture companies was running radio adverts saying you should replace your mattress every 8 years.  Then I was stabbed by a spring when sleeping – and so decided, after discussions with the husband, that our long serving super kingsize mattress should be replaced.

We’ve been through a lot with that mattress!  Whilst I moved into the house my husband had shared with his ex wife (she’d vacated before I arrived – before I’d even met her ex, actually!) we did replace their bed pretty smartish – but that means the bed has been with us for over 13 years.

It’s been through 4 pregnancies (not all 4 conceptions – half of those stories involve a Premier Inn near Blackpool and Centerparcs Longleat!), 4 lots of breast feeding, 4 lots of potty training and numerous illnesses – not to mention some (although definitely not enough) sleeping.  In fact after writing all of that down, perhaps we should have considered replacing it sooner?!? ** Might not put all that info in the Ebay listing to flog it **

So once we’d decided to look for a new mattress – I went to my usual source of all things for the house – the John Lewis website.  I searched for a super kingsize mattress, and then ranked my search from high to low in terms of price and was SHOCKED to see that the most expensive mattress was £15,500!!!  I posted my shock at this on Facebook to which friends made various suggestions as to why it was so expensive – it being gold plated, or coming with a sesh with Magic Mike being my favourites!  Anyway – we decided we couldn’t decide without trying the mattress out – so off we went to good old John Lewis.

Mattress John Lewis

I was disappointed that John Lewis in Solihull didn’t have the £15,500 mattress in stock.  Who would spend that much money on a mattress without first having a chance to lie on it?!

Anyway – we tried out everything the store had to offer.

Mattress testing

Memory foam still seems to be popular – but I really struggle with it. I suffer from pretty bad motion sickness (I threw up after the Harry Potter ride in Orlando this summer, and have even been known to feel sick on a swing or a lilo!) and it seems that the way the memory foam ‘settles’ when you turn over makes me want to vom – so they were ruled out pretty much straight away.

In the end we went for a mid range sprung mattress – that should arrive just before Christmas.

The husband is now coming up with suggestions of what we need to do on the mattress before it goes.  Oh dear…………..

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