Book Review: After Hello by Mhairi McFarlane


I have raved before about Mhairi McFarlane’s books (in quite an ‘oh my goodness, I want to be her friend, she writes such fabulous books’ kind of way!)  And when I reviewed You Had Me At Hello! I specifically said I was left wanting to know what happened to the characters next. Well – it would appear Miss McFarlane has answered my wishes (although I did Tweet her asking for a unicorn, and that hasn’t materialised as yet!)  and this novella is exactly that – picking up Rachel and Ben’s story 2 years down the line.

“A short story sequel to the bestselling romcom You Had Me At Hello!
In You Had Me At Hello, the one who got away came back… but what happened next?

Together, apart and then back together again, Rachel and Ben had a rollercoaster ride to get here. But now happily in love and partners in crime once more, it feels like it’s all been worth it.
But when a face from the past reappears, misunderstandings come between them once more.
Can they hold on to their happy ever after?”

It picks up with Rachel and Ben – and the other characters from YHMAH (I’m so down with the kids with the whole acronym stuff!) – and centres around Mindy’s hen night and wedding.  As usual the reference points are totally on point – from someone annyoingly pointing out the Slimming World syns in everything eaten at the kebab house – to the description of a 30+ hangover (I’m sure they get even worse at 40+).

All in all, another great read – and it’s FREE to download it from Amazon – yay!

The only negative about this is that it’s too short – yet again I WANT TO KNOW MORE.

I’m fitting this into ‘A book published in 2017’ for my 2017 Reading Challenge.




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