Out of the mouth of babes….

I posted the other day some random things the 3 year old has said, well, she surpassed herself at the dinner table last night!

For context:

D is my eldest daughter (11),
L is second child (9, but 10 next week!) and the only boy,
E is the 4 year old, who doesn’t feature in this tale, so must have been behaving well and eating nicely
G is the youngest at 3.

So, I am busy doing ‘Mummy jobs’ (putting away the washing / checking social media!) whilst the kids are eating their tea and I hear:

D: “Mummy, Mummy, L called me fat”
G: “You’re not fat D, it’s Mummy that’s fat.”


It’s a good job she’s cute.



Random musings of a 3 year old

When I started this blog one of the things I wanted it to be was a record of stuff that the Price family get up to – so we’ve reviewed places we’ve been, taken ridiculous #wickedWednesday photos and done various brain dumps – but the blog does look like it might turn into a list of books I’ve read if I’m not careful.

So – before I forget – here are 2 bizarre things said by the littlest Price this week.

1. I asked her if she wanted me to do her hair, or if she wanted to do it herself. She looked at me, incredulously, and said ‘Mummy, I can’t do my own hair because my arms are attached to my body.’ Right! Must make sense if you’re 3!!

2. She watched me putting a chicken into the oven to roast for Sunday lunch to which she commented ‘Mummy, I don’t think that chicken likes being dead.’ There speaks a future vegetarian!!

roast chicken

I must try and remember to document more random musings of all of the kids (and maybe even reminisce about the older 2 so they don’t escape the ‘things you said as a toddler’ discussions in future years!)