Happy Blog-i-versary to me!

It is exactly one year to the day since I posted my first ever blog post. In answer to the title of that post, the conclusion was definitely to blog!

It’s been a hectic year – I’m not really sure there’s any other kind of year in this house – and I haven’t blogged as much as I’d thought I would – but I didn’t envisage spending so much time in the company of teddy bears (but it’s not every year you help to SMASH a world record) or organising a ball (more of that to come in the coming months). I guess it highlighted to me my priorities – and blogging had to take a bit of a backseat to helping friends in difficult times.

That’s not to say I’ve been too slack with the blogging – I’ve blogged about transatlantic trips to New York, Chicago and Washington – about many, many books that I’ve read (some that I’ve been given for free for solely that purpose – result!), about my family, our days out, our days in and lots in between.

I’ve joined in linkys with Tara on The Sticky Fingers blog and Emma on Brummy Mummy of 2 – but only when I had suitable content (I can’t bear when people shoe horn irrelevant stuff into the supposed topic!) Through these linkys I’ve ‘met’ some lovely fellow bloggers – and in a ‘it’s an incredibly small world’ my sister ended up picking up teddy bears from one of them down in Hampshire for the aforementioned world record attempt. #smallworld

I even made Mumsnet Bloggers front page with my A-Z of strops from my youngest.

I was asked the other day why I blog, and what I’d change. Well, I feel like I’m mainly doing it as a record of the Price family’s life. Even in one year, it’s great to look back at what we’ve done (and read!) and have everything kept in one place to flick through. The modern day equivalent of a photo album / scrapbook I guess.

Part of me thinks if I devoted more time to it then maybe I could be making more of it – reviewing more things, running competitions, my own linky etc – but there aren’t enough hours in the day on top of family, work, home, friends – so for now I plan to pootle on as I have for the last year. We’ll save world domination for the future – you have been warned!

Thanks to everyone who has commented, ‘liked’, shared, guest written, been a star of a post (especially my long suffering family) and just stalked from afar. Lots of love to you all!!

Here’s to the next year!!

Naming my 5th baby……….

  • When I was considering starting this repository of my inner thoughts – I put it ‘out there’ on Facebook and asked for suggestions as to what any future blog could be called.  My friends came up with lots of different ideas – and I thought they would provide a pretty good summary of what other people think of me – and would therefore make an informative second posting ….
    Multiple Children
    I liked the simplicity of ‘Party of Six’ and the fact that it reminded me of the TV show with one less to the party from the 1990s. However a husband and father of four in the US had already baggsied that name……
    Then – in the spirit of a Richard Curtis film ‘Four children and a prosecco’ – which does pretty much sum up my life and leads me on to the next topic……. 
    Booze Related Matters
    ‘Life, Prosecco, Ocado and Me’ – my sisters have long said my house should be sponsored by John Lewis and my kitchen cupboards by Waitrose or Ocado! I’m pretty much on first name terms with the delivery drivers from all of those companies.  Now – does anyone know anything about blog sponsorship?!?
    The suggestion of ‘Tonic Finder’ follows a particularly bad experience at the Alton Towers Resort Hotel where they had NO TONIC!!  Not just no slimline tonic, but no ACTUAL TONIC AT ALL!!  (I may have to blog about this in the future – but for now, here’s the Trip Advisor review!!) 
    Employment Matters
    ‘Not all accountants are boring’ reminded me of how aggrieved I was that the 1990s cult viewing ‘This Life’ was based around a bunch of lawyers and not accountants!!  Those of us working for the Big 6 accountancy firms back in the late 90s had an equally debauched life of working hard, playing hard and studying hard, but we weren’t made to look sexy in a TV drama.  I hope this blog does prove that not ALL accountants are boring?!
    Age Related Matters
    Four months ago I had a BIG BIRTHDAY – I celebrated at the time with a fabulous party with lots of my family and friends, and then have been using it as an excuse for loads of trips and activities this year – so ‘Life Begins’ was very apt.  I would definitely recommend grasping the whole 40th thing with both hands for anyone who’s not quite there yet.
    Name Puns
    Obviously with my surname ‘The Price is Right’ was suggested a number of times – and is very similar to what I plumped for!  There were other great suggestions too such as ‘Practically Perfect Price (mostly)’  – who doesn’t love an alliteration? And then ‘Taking Libby-ties’ – which read in my native Brummie tongue was AMAZING – but, as yet there aren’t local accent fonts (**Dragon’s Den here I come**)
    I discounted ‘Libby’s Blog’ for being just a bit dull (and it wasn’t even an accountant friend that suggested it!!)
    And then ‘The REAL Pricey speaks (not the blow up doll one that looks like a hooker!)’!!  I was grateful that it was clarified that I didn’t look like a lady of the night – although I do share Katie’s ample bosom (mine’s 100% self generated and thus to be found under my arm pits when I lie down – the joy of 4 lots of breast feeding!)  I then realised we did both have 4 kids at the moment – although mine are all with the one husband (aforementioned husband has had a beer with Dwight Yorke when he played for Aston Villa, been told by one of my friends that he reminds her of Peter Andre, and is a builder by trade – so is pretty much all of ‘Jordan’s’ baby fathers rolled into one!!!)  However there won’t be another Price child here – this blog is definitely my 5th baby!!

To blog or not to blog……

Some time ago – in the thing called ‘The Real World’ – Running Rufus said to me that my living of my life through Facebook amused her immensely – and I should write a book! This ignited a long held (but repressed) desire to write.  I’m an accountant by trade – I do numbers, I don’t do words (well, apart from correcting the grammar of everything I read in my day to day life , my reputation as a grammar pedant is far spread , which gives added pressure to anything I do write!!) 

I suspect everyone thinks they have a book in them (not literally – although after 4 kids perhaps not totally physically impossible?!) – but isn’t that like property development – easier in your imagination than reality (said through gritted teeth and a ‘non Kevin McCloud , no living in a caravan, nor having a baby during the process – but still hideous overspend on the budget’ type way)? 

It’s all well and good baring your soul on social media at any given time (so much so that the consultant upped the levels on the oxytocin drip during the birth of piglet number 4 as he couldn’t believe my contractions were strong enough if I could still tweet and post to Facebook during the latter stages of labour) but actually writing a book – that’s a frightening commitment.… 

So maybe a blog would be the way forward?  Find my inner voice? See how it’s received?  But when / how / where?  My husband already thinks I spend FAR too much time on social media and trying to be ‘down with the kids’ (although by writing that phrase I have pretty much proved that I’m not!)  If I was to spend any more time sharing family secrets whilst secreted away in my office and not partaking in family activities – it could result in a divorce.  Although that would involve him filling in forms – and given I fill in every form that comes here for him (in the past week that’s been a speeding fine and congestion charge penalty notice) I could be on safe ground. 

But what to blog about?  

The 4 children (and the 2 vasectomies and 1 vasectomy reversal that brought some of them about)?

The 5 stone weight gain babies 3 and 4 in quick succession (and associated addiction to frappuccinos, steak and vegetable paninis and rocky road) brought about and the never ending quest to lose this whilst also consuming vast quantities of gin and tonic and cake – or on a particularly lucky day gin and tonic cake? 

The construction company that’s now the day job – yes, I’m a hairy arsed builder – which leads me on to the husband’s waxing experience whilst we were recently on holiday, segway-ing into holidays ‘sans’ and with children – and back to those pesky kids again….. 

So lots of scope for blogging, not much time for it, to blog or not to blog – that is the question…………