Charity begins at my home….

Last Friday lots of people around the country were taking part in the Macmillan Cancer Support’s Big Coffee Morning – and I decided to jump on the bandwagon.  Macmillan were really helpful to my husband’s Mum when she was suffering with cancer – and to lots of friends who’ve had their own personal battles too.  I decided it could be a dual fundraiser, as some close family friends have a 10 year old who is fundraising for Birmingham Children’s Hospital who are currently supporting him through treatment for a brain tumour.

My fabulous parents arrived armed with an urn and some extra mugs, the most wonderful ‘Very Smart Cookie Company‘ were providing the cakes and I could waft about in my new clothes purchased this week with a personal shopping experience at John Lewis (there’s another blog post in there soon – bet you can’t wait?!)

Lots of my very lovely friends came and ate cake, drank hot drinks (decaf tea, normal tea, peppermint tea, coffee, decaf coffee, red milk, green milk, blue milk, sugar, sweetener – we were practically a branch of Starbucks!!)  and were suitably generous – raising a whopping £210 to share between the charities.

But aside from the fundraising – it was just a really lovely morning – I know I’m biased, but I have some very nice friends.

A big thank you to VSCC for not only the wonderful cakes – but also these fab photos!

Very Smart Cookie Company Cakes
Chocolate and coconut brownies, scones and carrot cake!
Competition to win CAKE!
Competition to win CAKE! (And fab cards in the background)
Lovely friends
Lovely friends

P.S.  If you’d like to donate to Fin’s fundraising for the children’s cancer unit at Birmingham Children’s Hospital – then you can click here. xx

Sweets for my sweets, sugar for my honey – and cake for my friends and family!

My Dad used to work for a silver company (Birmingham is renowned for silversmithery – I may have just made up that word?!?)  They used to sell to jewellers, department stores – and even Tiffany (the luxury jeweller rather than batwing wearing 80s postrel). At Christmas time they would send their customers presents – and one year despatched Fortnum and Mason stilton cheeses to people.  In the New Year a customer in Japan wrote back thanking them for the ‘cake’ that they’d sent!!  They must have thought it went very mouldy in transit – poor cheese!!

Now one of my friends sends cakes by post – and they always arrive in tip top condition and beautifully packaged – and could never ever be mistaken for stinky cheese!!!  Bee set up  the Very Smart Cookie Company sending mail order cakes around the UK.  Given I am not renowned for my baking (or actually any cooking type activities) this has been a godsend – so far I have:

  • Ordered cakes for us at home – just to try out the service (don’t tell my personal trainer!). The kids have loved them – so much so that we had melt down from the 2 and 4 year olds in our local cafe yesterday as the carrot cake wasn’t like Bee’s!
  • Had the sticky toffee pudding as dessert when we’ve had guests (everyone liked the ‘lightness’ of it)
  • Requested a box to the holiday cottage we were staying in last October half term in Devon.  A warmed piece of salted caramel chocolate chip cookie bar with ice cream made up for the torrential rain outside!
  • Sent boxes ahead to my sister’s house when we were invading for the weekend as my food contribution (it was a chocolate selection box – and everything went down a treat!)
  • Took the chocolate chip orange drizzle cake with me for a dress fitting for my 40th birthday (thank goodness for the corset they also made!)
  • Purchased a box for the aforementioned sister when she was stuck at home with a broken ankle (apparently it was worth getting off the sofa and hopping to the door for the postman for – high praise indeed!)
  • Procured special mother’s and father’s day boxes (unsurprisingly for my Mum and Dad) which were selection boxes with added extras (daffs / chocolates / sparkles / hand written cards) – they went down very well, and 2 of everything meant the parentals didn’t have to fight over them!!
  • Posted to a friend who was in the midst of a family crisis when I felt pretty helpless and wanted them to know I was thinking of them (this was specifically nut free – and I know gluten free and dairy free options are also available – so don’t be afraid to ask!)
  • Dispatched one to a (mad!) friend who was running the London marathon – I’d envisaged it for carb loading pre race – but she saved it as a celebration and ate some of it in the car on the way home!
  • And perhaps my very favourite (see my very first post To Blog or Not To Blog) ‘The Boozy Box’ – Gin and Tonic Drizzle, Rum and Banana Cake, Black Forest Tiffin and Di Sorono and Almond Frangipane Tart.  It was as amazing as it sounds (although I subbed the Rum and Banana Cake for more G&T drizzle – as everyone knows banana is the devil’s food!!)

Salted caramel chocolate cookie barVictoria spongeVSCC


I’m pretty sure there will be plenty more cake sending opportunities very soon!  Most people love cake (I certainly do – which is fairly evident – in the paraphrased words of Shakira ‘these padded hips don’t lie!!’) – so go and have a sneaky peak at the Facebook page – you won’t be disappointed!!  Unless you live outside the UK –  then you will be – sorry…….


(Now, in an attempt to sound like a ‘proper’ Blogger, I have not been paid (in cash or cake!) for this review – I just want to spread the love!)