Shopping stropping – Wicked Wednesday 30 September 2015

It’s been a while since my last Wicked Wednesday post due to being hugely busy with a charity ball (more to post about that soon) – not because the kids haven’t been stroppy and the house hasn’t been a state though!

Today the 3 year old and I went shopping – well, she went stropping. This was because I wouldn’t leave her in the car on her own (I’m not Rachel Stevens #controversial) to watch Stuart Little for the 2 millionth time and insisted she came with me to the dry cleaners and the Post Office.

Barnt Green strop

I tried the reasoning, the old people walking by tried to encourage her (I smiled through gritted teeth) and then I just went for all out bribery of a milkshake and cake in the coffee shop if she walked.  She was then all sweetness and light ‘I won’t be stroppy now Mummy’.  It’s a good job she’s cute…………….

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Walt Disney World stroppage – Wicked Wednesday 19 August 2015

As many of you know, my littlest girl is the queen of strops!!

We have been to Walt Disney World in Florida – the most ‘fun’ place on Earth – but that doesn’t stop the strops!

Full on melt down outside ‘It’s a Small World’ – and that was before hearing the annoying song:

Refusing to look at Anna and Elsa that we’d waited over an hour to meet:

Adopting the ‘I’m so bored pose’ in the Fairytale Castle:

But she did look very cute having poked Donald on the bum!!!!

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Wicked Wednesday 25 February 2015

The first photo is a bit of a cheat, as I’ve already used it when blogging about our fab trip to Bluestone over half term – and starting an A-Z of where the 3 year old has a strop!


But that’s not the full story!

She then fell asleep in the changing rooms  …..


And had to be carried home by my brother in law – who wasn’t very impressed when my sister made him stop and have his picture taken as she was a dead weight!!!


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