Sicky sisters – Wicked Wednesday 17 June 2015

Monday morning started at 4am with child number 3 throwing up – which she continued to do every 20 minutes for 4 hours – which was nice!

This is after she’d stopped and was hiding under a blanket – and child number 4 was looking at her with a ‘I’m just waiting to join in’ face!

Sicky sisters

She doesn’t always rock an 80s hair do – it was preparation for when she started vomming! She hasn’t as yet – although child number 1 did at 5.30am this morning (much to the chagrin of child number 2 who would most like to have missed a Wednesday at school, and wondered if he could get his sisters to lick him……….)


11 thoughts on “Sicky sisters – Wicked Wednesday 17 June 2015

  1. Oh dear!Always fun to have tummy bugs especially with multiple kids hey.I too love the hair lol x #wickedwednesdays


  2. Nothing wrong with that hair do! I wish I could look that cute like that rather than a complete mess that’s not brushed her hair! Hope it’s all over soon! And hope you don’t get it! xx


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