Wicked Wednesday – 12 November 2014

We were having a pre festive season clear out as we do every year – and this involved cleaning out the kitchen cupboards. And then 2 of the 4 children decided to climb into one of them.

Wonder if they could have got out with the childlocks on **I didn’t try**

Cleaning cupboards

This is my entry for Wicked Wednesdays over on BrummyMummyof2’s blog – see what others have posted too!


6 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday – 12 November 2014

  1. Why are kids so into climbing into and in top of things!? I mean I say why it’s only because I’m totally jealous I don’t fit any more that I pretend to be “cool” like I don’t wanna join in……!!!
    They look like they’re having lots of fun 🙂

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