Owl Woes – Wicked Wednesday 29th July 2015

Last week the children and I started finding owls around Birmingham for the Big Hoot 2015.

Now there’s a lot of scope for Wicked Wednesdays photos from this!

We could have the one outside Cadburyworld in the pouring rain where they all look seriously unimpressed (apart from the eldest who is doing a great fake smile!!) ….


Or the one about 3 hours in on Saturday when I was making them march between owls at pace, and they were slowly losing the will to live……


Or an infamous youngest child strop on the steps of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, just because that’s what she does……


I have to say there are also some fab photos in the album I’ve set up to record all of our owl spottings, and we’ve really enjoyed seeing more of our great city.

52 down, 37 to go………………


Wicked Wednesday – 10 December 2014

She has a bed. Her siblings and parents have beds. We have a spare bed. We have comfy sofas – but no – teddy is the best place to fall asleep:

Teddy as Bed


And just for fun – here’s teddy leaving Costco looking like he’s doing something unmentionable to the trolley!!!

Teddy and trolley


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Wicked Wednesday – 26 November 2014

A friend was perusing a gardening catalogue and found a plant called ‘Eve Price’ – the same name as my 3rd child.

This is me trying to get a photo of her posing with her new namesake plant. ┬áThe plant looks more impressed than the small child …….

Eve Price plant

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Wicked Wednesdays – 19th November 2014

Last week I took my youngest (the only one not tied to school holidays yet!) to spend a few days with my sister and her children near Munich.

We found these fab family toilets in the shopping centre we went to…


Which in itself could almost be a Wicked Wednesdays picture – but then we used them……


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Wicked Wednesday – 12 November 2014

We were having a pre festive season clear out as we do every year – and this involved cleaning out the kitchen cupboards. And then 2 of the 4 children decided to climb into one of them.

Wonder if they could have got out with the childlocks on **I didn’t try**

Cleaning cupboards

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