The morning after – Wicked Wednesday 15 June 2016

I haven’t linked up with BrummyMummyof2 for Wicked Wednesday in a while – but this photo was a definite.

We’d been to friends to watch the first England game of Euro 2016.   The grown ups drank a lot (Kenny’s cocktails being the major issue) and we all got home at midnight – including the 4 and 5 year olds. #badparents

The next morning it’s safe to say everyone was a bit ‘tired and emotional’ – well, apart from my husband who’d moved to coffee rather than booze mid evening – he was fine (just unbearably smug) – but he made me breakfast in bed, so is excused his smugness.

Anyway – ‘Elsa’ couldn’t find her crown (it had been left at the friends’ house along with all manner of wet clothes following a bouncy castle / rain / washing up liquid incident) so we had a full on meltdown which lead to her falling asleep on the rug in the hall.


To be honest I think quite a lot of people who watched England the night before felt similar…….



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