Owl Woes – Wicked Wednesday 29th July 2015

Last week the children and I started finding owls around Birmingham for the Big Hoot 2015.

Now there’s a lot of scope for Wicked Wednesdays photos from this!

We could have the one outside Cadburyworld in the pouring rain where they all look seriously unimpressed (apart from the eldest who is doing a great fake smile!!) ….


Or the one about 3 hours in on Saturday when I was making them march between owls at pace, and they were slowly losing the will to live……


Or an infamous youngest child strop on the steps of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, just because that’s what she does……


I have to say there are also some fab photos in the album I’ve set up to record all of our owl spottings, and we’ve really enjoyed seeing more of our great city.

52 down, 37 to go………………


School Run Strop – Wicked Wednesday 24 June 2015

Now my youngest is renowned for her strops (she even made the front page of Mumsnet!) – and it’s been a few weeks without one, so we had a classic today.

She refused to walk through the school grounds to get her big sister from school. A stand off ensued. OBVIOUSLY it was school sports day so there were loads of extra people, including well meaning Grandparents (not hers) asking what the matter was.

Strop 1

After 10 minutes, I had to give in and carry her. But when we got to the playground I put her down – and the strop turned into a sleep, on the concrete …….

Strop 2

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Sicky sisters – Wicked Wednesday 17 June 2015

Monday morning started at 4am with child number 3 throwing up – which she continued to do every 20 minutes for 4 hours – which was nice!

This is after she’d stopped and was hiding under a blanket – and child number 4 was looking at her with a ‘I’m just waiting to join in’ face!

Sicky sisters

She doesn’t always rock an 80s hair do – it was preparation for when she started vomming! She hasn’t as yet – although child number 1 did at 5.30am this morning (much to the chagrin of child number 2 who would most like to have missed a Wednesday at school, and wondered if he could get his sisters to lick him……….)


Den building – Wicked Wednesday 3 June 2015

So – the 3 kids not back to school today were supposed to be helping with the unpacking. Instead they used the empty suitcases to construct a wall, and then practically every pillow and quilt in the house – and a freakishly large teddy –  to make a comfy den to all lie in. But at least they were all getting along…….


This is my entry for this week’s Wicked Wednesday – do pop across and see other people’s less than perfect houses / children!


The Joys of Jetlag

So – one minute she’s eating an apple – the next she’s fast asleep on the floor!!

Same for her father – but he was drinking fizz not eating fruit!

Am trying to make this my entry for this week’s wicked Wednesday on Brummymummtof2’s blog – but can’t work out how to add the linky from my phone and the UAE ISP won’t let me access WordPress from the hotel’s computer!! Sorry!!

**imagine picture of cute Brummy girl wailing** 

Wicked Wednesdays – 11 March 2015

I nearly headed this up as 11 March 1970 something – as it’s my birthday today!!

But this is not a birthday related Wicked Wednesday – it’s a snot related one. Honestly – I don’t know who she would get the idea off to stick a tissue up her nose to stem the flow………

Snotty tissue

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