Trees – The Photo Gallery week 214

I am very excited about this week’s theme for The Gallery – as IT WAS MY SUGGESTION – EEK!!! Having been very chuffed with the photo I’m about to show you, I tweeted Tara at Sticky Fingers on Friday (the day that the theme for the next week is posted) to ask what it was going to be as I had a lovely photo of some trees I wanted to shoe-horn in somehow. Imagine my DELIGHT when she very very kindly chose ‘trees’ as the topic, so no horning of shoes required at all!!!

I took this photo at the Lickey Hills – just 5 minutes from our house – when I went with my son and 105 other Year 5 kids on an orienteering trip last week. It was EXHAUSTING – and my legs ached for the whole of the next day (as did a lot of the kids, so it wasn’t just me being unfit!) – but a really challenging, interesting, calorie burning day.  It also reminded me what amazing photo opportunities we have right on our doorstep.

There was snow on the ground but the sun was shining brightly first thing. We were asked not to take photos of the kids – so I took 2 photos on my phone the whole day – but this was one of them:


I kept expecting to see Mr Tumnus peep out from behind one of the trees!

And just for completeness, here’s the other photo I took from Beacon Hill looking out towards Birmingham City Centre – lots of trees on that too, for England’s second city.

Snowy Birmingham skyline

This is my entry for this week’s #thegallery – so do go and look how other people have interpreted ‘trees’…..

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Me – The Photo Gallery week 213

The theme for The Photo Gallery this week is ‘Me’. I really wasn’t sure what to post – and then Facebook started with all the ‘first profile pics’ and I thought how apt that was.

So here it is, my first profile pic, taken back in 2007 in Crete on holiday with my eldest daughter who was then 3. It was quite a stressful holiday, and on the last day I managed to break my foot (a metatarsal – just as Wayne Rooney bust one too!) – but I still love this photo of me and my big baby.

1st profile pic

And the profile pic it replaced, my most recent, was me and my littlest baby who’s now 3 herself!

Recent profile pic

I should point out here have been 80 profile pics in the intervening 7 years – which makes me feel very vain as Tara has admitted to only 3 profile pics in her entire Facebook life!

This is my link up to The Gallery over on the Sticky Fingers Blog – so do click on the link below to see how other people have interpreted the theme.

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Babies – The Photo Gallery Week 211

The theme for The Photo Gallery over on the Sticky Fingers blog this week is ‘babies’ – and for this I have no shortage of photos, having had 4 of them!!

We had a girl and a boy in quick succession – not like an 18 minute twin gap, but an 18 month, all a bit of a blur gap! But after a traumatic birth with both (I had 200 stitches after number 1, and number 2 was born blue and still in his sack) we decided we’d ridden our luck and that would be it – so husband had the snip.

Fast forward 4 and a half years, and I’m stood in M&S in Redditch weeping, buying my little boy grey uniform trousers as my baby was growing up and about to start school. Before becoming parents (and realising what we’d let ourselves in for) we’d always said we wanted loads of kids – and so husband didn’t need much persuading to have his vasectomy reversed and within 6 weeks we were pregnant again!!

And as I have an issue with odd numbers (freakish I know) we always knew that we’d have 4 kids – so number 4 came along pretty soon afterwards!

This is the first photo of all 4 of my babies together – and I still get a bit teary eyed looking at it…..

4 children

Although not teary eyed enough to have number 5 (and 6)……..

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Being a Parent – The Photo Gallery week 209

The prompt for The Gallery this week over on Sticky Fingers is ‘Being a Parent’ – and given I’m doing that, four times over, there should be plenty of scope for pictures.

But what to photograph?

Tantrums or cuddles?
Births or birthdays?
Complete carnage with cooking or the pride on their faces after helping bake something to all share?
Everyday family life at home or day trips somewhere special together?
Nagging or celebrating?
A schoolday parent or a holiday parent?
The children fighting with each other or playing beautifully together?
The pride in my husband being an amazing father or him being my biggest child?!
Toddlers or pre-teens?

So in the end I plumped for a photo of my 40th birthday earlier this year. I had A LOT of celebrations (in fact they’re still ongoing – I’m milking this one for all it’s worth!) including a big black tie party for lots of family and friends – but this sums up being a parent for me – a fabulous banner painted by my kids and their smiling proud faces – makes it all worth it!


(I should point out it was also, randomly,  ‘Where’s Wally’ day at school on my 40th birthday – the oldest two don’t always dress like that!!!)

This is my entry to The Photo Gallery this week – do have a look at how other people have interpreted being a parent……


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Autumn – The Photo Gallery week 204

Ever since we moved into this house – over a decade ago – I have watched the views change from the windows and have always thought – I should photograph them each season to make a montage. However, I’ve never quite got round to it – so this week’s prompt over on The Sticky Fingers blog of ‘Autumn‘ spurred me into action!

I wish it could have been one of those gorgeous, crisp, Autumnal days – but between the prompt and time to post – it’s been pretty much grey and dreary. I guess this is a more accurate reflection of Autumn near Birmingham though!!

From the front we can see our local church (I’m already plotting to take ‘winter’ picture when the advent lights are up on the bell tower – if you could time the prompt accordingly please Tara?! ) and from the back the M42 motorway (at least if you see solid red lights in the morning you know to avoid it).

So here it is – the start of my seasonal montage from my son’s bedroom and our bedroom.

Obviously my OCD will mean I have to get the framing EXACTLY the same for future seasons #pressure

View from the front window
View from the front window
View from the back window
View from the back window

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Family – The Photo Gallery Week 201

This week’s category over on The Photo Gallery on the Sticky Fingers blog is ‘family’ – now this should be really easy for me as loads of my posts concern family.

There’s the photo of me and my cousins here, the family on holiday here, the cross generational photos here and the slightly rubbish holiday selfie (minus one child) here.

So for this topic I decided to go with my original family ‘The Homers’ taken here at my 40th birthday party earlier this year (not sure where Mum’s looking but it’s the best one!)

Homer family

Back at the Grammar school my sisters – and Mum – and I went to, ‘Homer’ meant Greek Iliad and Odyssey jokes – I suspect it would be more ‘doh’ now!  This party was a fabulous night – from the speeches (where amazingly my husband didn’t offend anyone!) through the photobooth (I suspect the photos will feature in future weeks of The Gallery) through to the dance floor (obviously the Homer sisters were first on it!) it was just wonderful.  Having lots of the people you love in one place for a celebration is amazing.

I remember that back at school a lot of my friends were slightly scared of my Mum – and this is one of her many personality traits I try to emulate!  Everyone loves Dad – and his harmonising (particularly of Christmas carols) is legendary in my children’s educational establishments.  My sisters are both wonderful – and my friends as well as my siblings.  I shared a bedroom with my middle sister (I’m the eldest just in case that isn’t obvious – my youngest sister was gutted when someone asked if we were twins – there’s a 6 year age difference!!) and I don’t remember it being problematic at all.  We had to sew coloured threads into our underwear and socks to avoid nicking each others – but other than that pretty plain sailing.

So – whilst I have a wonderful family now – this is the family that made me who I am today.  #weeping

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At home with The Prices (sort of!)

When I started blogging I was ** quite excited ** that I would be able to link up with The Gallery on Sticky FIngers – but then Tara and her family were on holiday so it was ‘on a break’ – but hoorah, they’re back – and this is my first ever gallery entry!!

So – At Home with The Prices – sort of – as we’re actually on holiday in Portugal.  It also isn’t all of The Prices – as the husband is behind the camera – but it’s pretty rare for me to be in a photo with all 4 kids.  Thankfully child number 3 is protecting my topless modesty.  It is not the best photo in terms of composition, none of us look stunning – but it totally sums up family fun in the pool on holiday!


Right – back in the pool I go (after I’ve poured a glass of wine as it’s past 11am) – got to love family holidays!!

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